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Dominion Flyer October 21 to October 27, 2021

Dominion Flyer, valid October 21 to October 27, 2021⭐

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Dominion Flyer

Dove men+care dry spray antiperspirant mens spray deodorant cool fresh antibacterial odour protection 107 g $6.49ea
Sara lee little bites brownie 234 g $3.49ea
Finesse mousse, firm control 150 g $1.99ea
Original brick cream cheese 250 g $4.49ea
Coca-cola diet coke caffeine free 12×355.0 ml $5.49
President’s choice milk chocolate cashews 250 g $5.49
Mott’s 111g motts pom plus anitox 6×111.0 g $3.49ea
Webber naturals glucosamine chondrotin complex 140 ea $21.49ea
7up soda (case) 6×710.0 ml $5.29
Finish quantum dishwasher detergent tabs, fresh 30 ea $14.49ea
Michelina michelina’s penne primavera 255 g $1.49ea
Van houtte ground coffee colombian dark roast 24 recyclable k-cup pods 211 g 24 ea $17.99ea
Tide plus downy, liquid laundry detergent, april fresh, 2.04 l, 44 loads 2.04 l $15.49ea

President’s choice rich & chewy chocolate chip granola bars 1460 g $9.99ea
Scotsburn caramel cookie dough ice cream 1.5 l $3.99ea
Old spice anti-perspirant deodorant for men, krakengard 73 g $5.99ea
Ziggy’s oil and vinegar coleslaw 454 g $3.69ea
President’s choice dark chocolate covered almonds 700 g $9.99ea
President’s choice caramelized onion topping 245 ml $2.99ea
Pork side ribs $1.99
Farmer’s Market English cucumbers product of Canada, or Greenhouse peppers product of Mexico 3’s $4,49
Black Diamond or PC cheese bars 400 g or shredded cheese 320 g $3,99
Planters roastedcashews or almonds 200g peanuts 600g or bar mix 550g selected varieties $3,49
Mott’s Clamato or Garden cocktail 1,89L or Walter Caesar mix 946 mL $2,99
Danone Oikos or Light & Free yogurt selected varieties 4×95/100g 3/9,99
Baxter or Scotburn chocolate milk selected varieties 2 L $3,99
Miss Vickie’s potato chips 2/$7
Quaker Crispy Minis 90-100g or rice cakes 127-199g 3/$6
Farmer’s Market clementines product of Spain 2lb bag $3,99

Nacho chips & dip 350g #3,99
Boursin cheese selected varieties 150g 2/$7
Maple Leaf Natural Selections deli meat selected varieties 175g $6
Chicken breats or tighs boneless, skinless family size $5.99
Lean ground bett $4,99
Pork loin centre-cut chops or roast boneless family size $4,99
Chicken drumsticks or thighs family size $3,99
ACE baguette, pumpernickel or sourdough boule selected varieties $3
Vachon 252-336 g or Hostess snack cakes 121-225g selected varieties 2/$4
Black Diamond Cheestrings 12/16’s 2/$10
Palmolive dish detergent $2,50
PC Nutrition First large bread dog food $39,99
PC or Blue Menu ketchup $2,99
Cashmere bathroom tissure selected varieties 24=72 rolls $15,99

Dominion Hours
Monday to Sunday 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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