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Maxi Flyer July 29 to August 4, 2021

Maxi Flyer, valid July 29 to August 4, 2021⭐

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Maxi Flyer

Robin Hood or Five Roses selected varieties 10kg 9,88
Bef for Chinese fondue frozen, sold in 3×250 g=750g 11,94
Pork side ribs, cryovac package 8,77kg 3,98
Prime Maple Leaf boneless skinless chicken breast 915g $15
Paysan ham or Turkey breast 500g 6,98
Grape tomatoes product of U.S.A or Mexico no 1 grade 255g 1,98
Navel oranges product of Spain 8lb 4,98
Eggplant or green zucchini product of Mexico 3,26kg 1,48

Pizza Giuseppe 250-317g Dr. Oetker selected varieties surgeles $3
High Liner batteered fish selected varieties, frozen 350-700g 4,98
Tidy Cats light weight cat litter selected varieties 7,98
Smoothie Iogoou Yogourt A Boire Yop Yoplait 3/$2
Bacon Pc Ou Simplement Bon $4
Pate Ou Quiche St-Hubert Certaines Varietes Surgold $4.44
Soupe St-Hubert 540 Ml $1

Naturally Imperfect Green or Mixed Peppres product of Quebec 2.5 lb 2.98
Pepites, Burgers Ou Languettes De Poulet Sans Nom $5
Lafleur Bologna $4
Ham & Cheese Jambon Et Fromage $4
Goberge Sauvage En Pate Ou Panee Go $2
Citrons Delices Du Marche Produkt d’Afrique Du Sud Ou Limos $3
Soup Aylmer 2/$1
Pains a Hamburger Ou Hot dog , Bagets Ou Muffins Anglains Sans Nom $1

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Monday to Sunday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm

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