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Maxi Flyer offers this week

Pork half loin, boneless, cryovac package 6,57 kg 2,98
OLYMEL Boneless Smoked Ham 1,6 kg $15
Norel cretons 150g 2,98
Ketchup Heinz 1L $3
La Parisienne 3,5 L $2
Pop Tarts Kellogg’s format familial 400-765g 4,98
All Bran, Vector, Mini Wheats 3,98
Red globe grapes 1,98
Avocados product of Mexico 2,98
Brussels sprouts product of U.A.S no 1 grade 2,98

Ziggy’s 350g or Clarks 400ml 2,48
Cook’s portion ham 2,48
Royal parmesan fondue $6
Club plus Pampers or Huggles $30
Pringles potato verieties 1,68
Barres de chocolat format familial 300g 3,98
Alcomalt Palm bay, Bud Chelada Beach day every day, Nutrl 12x355ml 2/ 34,96
Cheez Whiz 900g Kraft 5,88
Five Roses or Robin Hood 10,48
Format Club 8,48
Pork side ribs, cryovac package 8,77kg 3,98
Prime Maple Leaf boneless skinless chicken breast 915g $15

Paysan ham or Turkey breast 500g 6,98
Grape tomatoes product of U.S.A or Mexico no 1 grade 255g 1,98
Navel oranges product of Spain 8lb 4,98
Eggplant or green zucchini product of Mexico 3,26kg 1,48
Pizza Giuseppe 250-317g Dr. Oetker selected varieties surgeles $3
High Liner batteered fish selected varieties, frozen 350-700g 4,98
Tidy Cats light weight cat litter selected varieties 7,98