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Zehrs Flyer October 28 to November 3, 2021

Zehrs Flyer, valid October 28 to November 3, 2021⭐

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Zehrs Flyer

Planters roasted cashews 200g penuts 600g or bar mix 550g 3.99
Chapman’s premium ice cream 2L or Yukon 5-8’s 4.99
Jumbo seedless watermelon 5.99
English cucumber product of Ontario Canada 2/$3
Bento sushi California rolls $6
Schneiders Pepperettes or Bites selected varieties 7.99
Vine ripe field tomatoes $1.29
Good Leaf baby arugula or baby kale $5.99
Farmer’s Market grape tomatoes $5.99
Fall bushel planter $35

PC Kentmango product of Mexico 1.99
President’s choice chilled portuguese chicken $12.00 ea
Kegthe keg, steak s easoning $5.29 ea
Essienail polish, meditation13.5 ml $9.99 ea
New skinliquid bandage10 ml $4.99 ea
Maybellinebaby skin instant pore eraser primer30 ml $11.98 ea
Chick p ea/artichoke/sundried tomato salad $6.77(est.) Ea
Haagen dazsexträaz cookie dough dynamo ice cr eam $5.99 ea
Maybellinebaby skin instant pore eraser primer $11.98 ea
From our chefsturkey br east $3.99/100 g

President’s choice signature bouquet, bunch $23.00 ea
İcelandic cod fillets $10.19(est.) Ea
Christie chips ahoy! Rainbow 457 g $4.49 ea
Mio sport lemon lime liquid water enhancer$3.33 ea
Finishquantum dishwasher detergent tabs, fresh
Everyday essentials apothecary scented candle, caramel 19 oz $7.99 ea
Nestle coffee mate liquid french vanilla value size $7.89 ea
Halo top chocolate473 ml $6.99 ea
Pc organics rice rusks banana 24 rusks $2.99 ea
Italpastapenne lisce900 g $1.99 ea
Farmer’s market chocolate celebration cake, 5in $5.99 ea
Castello cream cheese spr ead, pin eapple $6.29 ea
Oteas oranage & passion fruit33.75 g $6.99 ea

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Store hours
Monday to Saturday 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Pharmacy hours 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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