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Adonis Flyer

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Adonis Flyer offers this week

Oasis Juice Assorted choice 2/ $4
Cleopatra Extra virgin olive oil 1L 3,99
Saha Seasoned Boneless White & Dark Turkey Halal 1.5kg 16,99
Leaf Clementines Spain 1,49
Red Seedless rapes U.S.A Green Seedless Grapes Brazil 1,49
Red, Orange or Yellow Hothouse Peppers Spain 1,99
Romaine Hearts Lettue 2,99
Beef Kafta 6,49

Red or Green Swisschard $1.99
Italian Roma Tomatoes Mexico $1.49
Marinated Beef Tenderloin Cubes $10.99
Boneless cHicken Thighs $4.99
Marinated Chicken Drumsticks $2.29
Mussel King Cooked mussels garlic and butter 454g $4.99
Christie Wheat Thins, Good Thins or Triscuiit Crackers Assorted choice 100-226 g 2/$5
Christie Dad’s or Peek Freans Cookies asso

Hungarian Style Emmental Cheese 7,99
Regular Jarlsberg Cheese 11,99
OKA Cheese Assorted choice 11,99
Portneuf Alexis or Du Village Cheese 500g 5,99
ST-Paulin Cheese 90g 5,99
Harvest Creek Halal chicken wieners 908g 2/$6