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Atlantic Superstore Flyer offers this week

Mott’s Clamato or Garden cocktail 1.89 L or Walter Caesar mix 946 mL $2,99
From Our Chefs soup selected varieties fresh 700 mL $5,99
Maple Leaf Natural Selections deli meat $6
PC extra large green or red seedless grapes 2.49
Black Diamond cheese 320-400g PC or no name shredded cheese 320g 4.44
Robin Hood all purpose flour 8.99
Danone Oikes, Liberte Greek Yogurt or Light & Free yogurt 3/ $9

Fruite fruit drinks or Tetley iced tea selected varieties 2L 1,33
Cracker Barrel cheese snacks 2/ $8
Quaker Dipped or Chewy granola bars selected varieties 150-156g 1,99
PC orange juice selected varieties refrigerated 1.75L 2,99
PC Free From sausage selevted varieties 375-500g 2/ $10
Fresh Atlantic salmon portions 3,39
Farmer’s Market cookies 12’s or mini chocolate chip cookies 310g 2/ $8
Lean ground beef family size 4,49

PC Natural spring water 24x500mL 2/$5
Beef tenderloin premium oven roast or grilling steak $20.99
Lean ground beef famiy size $4.99
Maple Leaf, Ready Crisp or Schneiders bacon selected varieties $6.49
Huggies 16x or Pampers 14/15x wipes 960-120’s or Similac Go & Grow 850g 22,99
Old El Paso dinner kits selected varieties 227-510g 3,99
Clark baked beans selected varieties 1,29
Nestle Pure Life natural spring water 24x500mL 2,99