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Supermarche PA Flyer

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Supermarche PA Flyer offers this week

Fresh Milk-Fed Vea Chops 9,99
Fresh Pork Baby Back Spareribs 4,99
Fresh Chicken Breast with Back 2,99
Fresh Rainbow Trout Fillet 8,99
Free Run Hens White Eggs Douzaine Dozen 2/$7
Fresh Boneless Pork Shoulder Roast or Slices 3,99
Apricots or Nectarnes 6.59kg 2,99Chapman’s Ice Cream 2L 2,99

Sunset Mini Poivrons Doux Mini Sweet Peppres 99 ¢
SAUCISSES DOUCE OU PIQVANTES Mild or Host Sausages 6,59/kg 2,99/lb
Chocolat Lindt Excellence Chocolate 50 a 100g 2 for 5 $
Haricots Rouges ou Pois Chiches clic Red Kidney Beans or Chick Peas 540ml 98 ¢
PIEUVRE Octopus 13.21/kg 5,99 /lb
Eggplants 69¢
Fresh Bone-In Pork Chops $1.99
Fresh Cod Fillets $5.99
Lucky Me Pancit Canton Instant Noodles 6x60g $2.99
Chili Oil 207ml 2/$3
Rogalach Chocolat Cannelle Crown $5.99
Biscuits Lotus Cookies 150g $1.99
Activia Yogurt 8x100g $3.49

Rega Tomatoes $2.99
Habibi Dates 600g $1.99
Baby Spinach $2.99
Mini Sweet Peppers 2/$4
Hungarian Smoked sausages $5.99
Veal Wiener Sausages $5.99
Sausage or Hamburger Buns $1.99
Dumplings 8 morceaux $12.99
Fresh Grain-Fed Chicken $2.26
Fresh Beef-Cut Ribs $7.99