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T&T Supermarket Flyer

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T&T Supermarket Flyer offers this week

Frozen Breaded Tempura Shrimp 9.99
Fresh Chicken 13.99
LotteMilkis Ice Tube 4.49
Ataulfo Mangoes 1,48
Avocado 3,88
Young Coconut 17,88
White Shrimps (IQF, Easy Peeled, 31/40) 12,99
Ground Pork (Fresh, Regular) 3,48
Oyster Meat (Fresh) 907g 15,99
Searay China Yellow Croaker (Frozen) 4,99
Shanghai Bok Choy Sprout 1,99

Hot House Tomatoes 1,77
Red Grapes (Seedless) 2,48
Chinese Mandarin 1,48
Yellow Tail Fish Balls (Frozen) 12,99
Seedless Green Grapes 1.99
Jin Ling Zhi Thai Frangat Rice 8kg 11.88
Porto Diamond-Coat Frypan Wok Selected 17.99
Face Mask 9.88
Fresh Boneless/Skinless Chicken Leg 2.99