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Freshmart Flyer offers this week

Farmer’s Market English cucumbers product of Canada 3.99
PC extra large green seedless grapes or PC extra large red seedless grapes prduct of South Africa 2.49
PC or Blue Menu cheese slices selected varieties 2.99
Cracker Barrel cheese bars 400g or shredded cheese 250/320g selected varieties 4.99
Breyers Creamery Styl or non-dairy ice cream or confectionary frozen dessert selected varieties frozen 3.99
Dare Breton, Vinta or Grissol crackers or baguettes 1.99
Golden Wheel Thai jasmine rice 8 kg 11.98

Eye of round steak or rost club size 6,99
No name pepperoni or salami chubs 3,99
Chicken breats club size 4,49
Broccoli product of U.S.A or Mexico 2,99
Farmer’s mini cucumbers product of Canada 3,49
Barlett pears product og U.S.A extra fancy grade 1,49
Iceberg lettuce 1,99
Cranberries product fo Canada 2,49
Daiya cheese blocks or slices 4,99

Piller’s pepperoni or Turkey bites 300g 8.99
Extra lean ground beef club size 6.99
Chicken breats boneless, skinless, club size 6.99
Pork sirloin chops or roast bobeless, club size 3.49
Wong Wing entrees selected varieties frozen 4.99
Minute Maid orange juice selected varieties frozen 1.49