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Sobeys Flyer offers this week

Charmin bathroom tissue or Bounty paper towel 7,97
Cavendish potato wedges or onion rings 5,97
Roman frozen entree 4,98
Leadbetters peamel bacon 4,97
Activia yogurt or Silk beverages 2,97
Giant Value muffins or bagels 1,47
Giant Value bread or buns 1,64
Tide Pods or Gain Flings 19,97
Snuggle fabric softener or dryer sheets 8,97
Giant Value sweetened shreeded coconut 1,97
Mrs. Butterworth’s Original Syrup 1,88

TYLENOL Pain Relief 40-200pk or MOTRIN Muscle & Body 40 pk selected 17,99
ENSURE Meal Replacements 6 pk 9,49
ROBIN HOOD or FIVE ROSES All Purpose Flour 2.5 kg 4,99
Dempster’s Tortillas 240-340g 2,49
SARA LEE Snacks 2/$6
Sensations By Compliments 100% Natural Almond Butter 340g 6,99
Barilla Wavy Lasagna 454g 2,99
Beaver Mixed Nuts 2/$4
Christie Premium Plus Crackers 450-500g 3,79

Kellogg’s Family Size Cereals 4,44
Compliments White 100% Whole Wheat, Italian Bread 675g or English 1,79
Eart Smart Sweet Kae Salad family 6,49
Compliments Organic Whole White or Brown Mushrooms 227g 2/ $5
Downey Farms Organic Russet Red or Yellow Potatoes 5 lb 4,99
Compliments Fresh Air-Chilled Chicken Breast Halves 5,99
Fresh Skinless Pork Belly Portinos or Slices 4,99
Fresh Pork Loin Centre Chops 3,99
Maple Leaf Natural Bacon or Breakfast Sausages 300-75g 5,99