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Safeway Flyer

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Safeway Flyer offers this week

Wild Alaska Sockey Salmon Fillets 2,99
Product Of Western Canada Tomatoes on the Vine 2,49
Nabob Roast & Ground Coffee 9,99
Best Buy Cheese 700g 6,99
Take & Bake Dips 4,99
Compliments Frozen Vegetables 2,99
Product Of Western Canada Carrots or Onions 3,99
Maille Gherkins 375mL 4,49
Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce 2/ $4
Compliments Graham Crumbs 400g 1,99
Ashley & Foster Gift Sets 9,99
Holiday Gift Mug Sets 8,99

Compliments Gift Wrap Rolls 1,79
Rainbow Peppers product of Canada or Mexico 3 pk 5,99
Product Of Western Canada Organic Whole or Brown Mushrooms 200g 2/$5
COMPLIMENTS NATURALLY SIMPLE Cooked or Uncooked Shrimp $10.99
TRE STELLE Mozzarella Ball 3/$20.00
CASTELLO Traditional Blue. Gorgonzola or Extra Creamy Blue $4.99
MAPLE LEAF Natural Selections Fully Cooked Shredded Chicken or Turkey, Diced Ham or Ground Beef $7.99
Pumpernickel, Marble Rye or San Francisco Sourdough Boule $3.99
Family Size FREYBE DRY Pepperoni $11.99
Family Size MARCANGELO Antipasto Quattro $10.00