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Real Canadian Superstore Flyer

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Real Canadian Superstore Flyer offers this week

Farmer’s Market Royal Gala apples 4,85
No name cheese bars 7,48
No name bacon 3,98
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers 2,00
Farmer’s Market English cucumbers 4,41
Country Harvest bread 1,88
Farmer’s Market cookies 5,00
PC Organic baby food pouches 5,77
Simply orange juice,lemonade or Gold Peak Iced tea 4,98
President’s Choice Live Red Leaf Lettuce – 1 Unit $2.48

President’s Choice Free From Pork Shoulder Blade Steaks, Club Pack $3.98
Chicken Breast, Boneless & Skinless, Fillet Removed Club Pack $5.48
Balderson Extra Old White Cheddar $7.98
Fresh Steelhead Trout Fillet, Club Pack $8.98
Dave’s Killer Bread Good Seed Organic Loaf $4.98
Atlantic Salmon Portions $4.98
Minute Maid Gold Peak Iced Tea (Natural Lemon Flavour) $3.33
Lemon Tea, Cartons 10 Pack $2.48
PC Organics Gala Apples $4.99
PC Organics Romaine Lettuce Hearts $3.98
Farmer’s Market FM Grape Tomato 907g $5.00

Cheese Pizza Buns 4 Pack $5.00
Olivieri Pasta Sauce, Creamy Ros‚ $7.00
Striploin steak cut from Canada AAA grade beef or USDA chocie grade beef $6.88
Live atlantic lobster $11.98
Country Harvest bread 2.00
Five Roses or Robin Hood allpurpose flour selected varieties 10 kg $8.77
Roooster scented jasmine rice 8 kg $9.88
Blueberries product of chile 4.98
Farmer’s Market clementines or Farmer’s Market lemons $3.00
PC Organics baby spinach, field greens or spring spinach $5.00