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Foodland Flyer offers this week

Smaall Patisseries 1.50
100% Butter Danishes 4pk 450g 4.99
Marinated Chicken Drumsticks 3.49
Pork Side Ribs 4.99
Picnic Pork Shoulder Roasts 2.49
SCHNEIDERS red Hots or MAPLE LEAF Top Dog Wieners 375g 4.99
LEADBETTERS Cowboy Burgers 13.99
Green Ocean Shrimp Rings 227g 5.99

Tetley Orage Pekoe Tea 144p 7.99
Rutabagas 1.19
Sweet Bell Peppers 3.99
Green and Yellow Beans 2.99
Frash Navel Oranges 1.49
Taste of Country Bouquet 12.99
Boston Cake 9.99
Sweet Middle Cookies 3.99

Red, Yellow or Orange Bell Peppers product of Canada or Mexico 2,99 lb
Cracker Barrel Cheese 400-450g or Shreds 250-320g 4,97
Christie Cookies or Snacking Crackers 3 for 6 $
Packaged Corn product of USA 5,99
Red Tomatoes on the Vine product of Canada or Mexico 3,69
Organic Gala Apples product of USA Extra fancy grade 1,99