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Provigo Flyer offers this week

Nordic concombre product of Quebec 2/$7
Farmer’s Market greenhouse peppers product of Mexico 4,99
Medium Pizza selected varieties 505-610g $6
Grana Padano or Parmigiano Reggiano 250g 8,99
Farmer’s Market sweet potatoes product of Canada 5lb 4,99
Greenhouse beefsteak tomatoes product of Quebec 2,99
Arla cream cheese selected varieties 200g 2/$7
Robin Hood or Five Roses flour selecetd varieties 2,5kg 4,99
Palmolive dish detergent selected varieties 2,50

İÖGO Récolte canadienne 650g $2.99
Medium ground beef family size $2.99
Chicken drumsticks or thighs family size $1.99
Fresh steelhead troud fillets $8.99
Eska natural spring water 24x 500 mL $2.99
Becel Margarine selected varieties 680-907 g $4.44
Cavendish 650-750 g or Pizza Pops Pillsbury 4 un. $2.99
Coca-Cola, Canada Dry or Pepsi consigne/deposit 12×355 mL 2/$10
PC Kent mangoes product of Peru $1.99

Kettle Brand Potato Chips 170/220g 2/$5
Gallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L 6,99
Bernard Naple Syrup Selected Varieties $4.99
Sucre Lantic Certaines Varietes $1
Ailes De Poulet Flamingo or St. Hubert Texan $8.99
Pork Sirloin Chops Or Roast Boneless Family Size $1.99
Medium Ground Beef Family Size $2.99
Brie President wedge deli cut 100g / 3.49