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Super C Flyer

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Super C Flyer offers this week

Lean Gorund grain-Fed Veal, econo pack $3.00
Kraft Extra Cheddar Cheese $3.97
Eska Natural Spring Water 2/$5
Yoplait Yop Drinkable Yogurt 5/$4
Life Smart Naturalia Peanut Butter 2/$5
Redpath Granulated White Sugar $1.99
Eagle Brand Condensed Milk $2.99
Selection Breaded Chicken Portions $6.99
Dainty Instant Rice $1
Classico Pasta Sauce $2
Seedless English Cucumber 2/$3
Clementines or Navel Oranges $2
Seedess red or green grapes $3
Extra Lean Ground Beef Econo Pack $6

Fresh ChickenLegs With Back, Econo Pack $2
French Style Steaks Econo Pack $7
McCain French Fried Potatoes 1,99
Seedless red or green grapes 2,99
Hothouse red tomatoes 2,99
Large Nectarines 1,99
Fresh Chicken legs ,with back, econo pack 1,99
Extra lean ground pork, econo pack 2,99
Beef or Chicken strips, econo pack $12
Fresh pork loin chops, econo pack 2,99
Catch of the day breaded fish fillets 2/ $7

OASIS Collection nature refriggerated juice 1,99
Maxwell House Instant Coffee 2,99
Gusta Vegan Sausages 5,99
Natura-A Organic Soy Drink 1,99
Barded Kind Roast Econd Pack $2.96
Biftecks D’aloyau De Veau De Grain, Grain-Fed Veal T-Bone Steaks $6.75
Fresh Whole Chickens Econd Pack $1.69
La Case Chicken Wings $6.75
Dove Beauty Soap 1,99
Ouebon Ultra Cream 3,29
Nadorcott Clementines 4 lb 4,99
Bartlett or Red Crimson Pears 1,99 /lb
Lactantia TRaditional Spread 1.28kg 2,99
Danone Activia Yogurt 650 g 2 for 5 $