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Coppa’s Flyer October 28 to November 3, 2021

Coppa’s Flyer, valid October 28 to November 3, 2021⭐

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Coppa’s Flyer

Fresh hass avocados, product of mexico 3/ 4.00
Fresh swiss chard red, green, kale green, red, black or collard greens, product of ontario 2.49
Fresh red pomegranates, product of usa 2/ 5.00
Fresh sweet golden pineapple, product of costa rica/ cored pineapple 3.99 each 2.99
Fresh leeks, product of ontario 1.99 bunch
Fresh carrots, product of ontario, no. Grade 1.99 bunch
Fresh green kiwi fruit, product of new zealand 2.99 lb
Fresh sweet seedless orri clementines, product of south africa 2.49 lb
Fresh organic potatoes red or yellow, product of canada, no. 1 grade 2.99 3lb bag
Fresh organic seedless grapes red or green, product of usa, no. 1 grade 2.99 lb

Vipro roasted red pepper spread, mild or hot 5.99 720ml jar
Bragg organic apple cider vinegar 6.99 946ml bottle
Annie’s organic mac & cheese, assorted varieties 1.99 170g pkg
Fresh Bananas Product of Costa Rica 49¢
Fresh Ontario Veal Loin Or Rib Chops $6.99
Proliva Blended Oil $4.99
Unico Solid Light Tuna In Oil $1.79
Coppa’s Fresh Market $4.99
Fresh Baby Gold Peaches $2.49
Fresh Seedless Grapes Red or Green $2.99
Fresh Sweet Seedless Clementines $3.99
Green Asparagus $2.99

Potatoes White, Red or Yellow Flesh $4.99
Lettuce Red and Green Leaf or Romanie 2/3.00
Organic Peaches, or Nectarines $3.99
Sweet Sansa Apples $5.99
Sweet Red Sheppard Peppers $1.99
Field Tomatoes $4.99
Blue Grapes $3.99
Anti-Septic Hand Sanitizer 8.99
Skinny Pop Poppcorn $4.99
Breyers Magnum mini Ice Cream Bars 4.99
Gullon Maria Tea Biscuits $2.69
Sardo Olives $1.29
Eagle Brand Frozen Vegetables $3.99
General Mills Nature Valley Granola Bars 2.49
Frozen Tillsonburg Iqf Split Chicken Wings With BBQ Sauce 9.99
Dr. Oetker Frozen Pizza Ristorante or Casa Di Mama 4.99
Villaggio Sliced Bread 2.99
Liberte Greek Yogourt 2.99
Coppa’s Fresh Market Fresh Store-Baked Butter Croissants 3.99

Coppa’s Market Hours

Monday – Sunday
7am until 10pm

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