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Fortinos Flyer November 4 to November 10, 2021

Fortinos Flyer, valid November 4 to November 10, 2021⭐

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Fortinos Flyer

Cracker barrel bar old cheddar 400 g $4.99 ea
Cracker barrel shreds tex mex 320 g $4.99 ea
California walnut crumbs $0.66 /50 g
Klondike krunch bars 4×125.0 ml $3.99 ea
Breyers reese peanut butter 1.66 l $3.99 ea
Pepsi soda (case) 12×355.0 ml $4.99 pack of 12
Pepsi soda (case) 6×222.0 ml $2.99 pack of 6
Neilson half and half cream 1 l $2.49 ea
Neilson buttermilk 1 l $2.49 ea
Keurig van houtte vanilla hazelnut coffee light roast 12 ea $7.99 ea
Folgers classic roast ground coffee 920 g $7.99ea
President’s choice lightly seasoned peanuts 700 g $3.99 ea
Heluva sour cream dip, french onion 680 g $3.99 ea

Campbell’s 30% less sodium chicken broth 900 ml $1.99 ea
Christie ritz original, 200g $1.99 ea
Bulldog skincare for men original beard balm $9.99 ea
Squishmallows 12″ unicorn monogrammed ‘c’ (designs may vary) $31.74 ea
Primo red kidney beans 540 ml $1.29 ea
Asparagus 1.99 lb 4.39g product of Mexico or rapini 1.99ea. product of U.S.A. 1,99 lb/ea
Prime rib roast-cap off cut from Canada AA or USDA select grade beef or higher 6,99 lb
Hayter’s fresh young Turkey all available sizes 1,99 lb
Hot cross buns 8’s selected varieties 2,99 each
Parmigiano reggiano 11,99 lb
Kinder Maxi or Easter egg hunt kit selected varieties 6,99
Coca-Cola, Canada Dry or Pepsi soft drinks 4,49
Danone Activia or Astro Yogurt tub selected varieties 2,49

Cadbury Mini Eggs pouches 9,99
Cracker Barrel Cheese bars 400g or shredded cheese 250-320g selected varieties 4,99 each
Colavita extra virgin olive oil 1L 8,99
Jumbo Cantaloupe or jumbo Honeydew 3,99
Wonderful pistachios 5,49
Renée’s salad dressing or vinaigrette 4,49
Marzetti veggie dips 4,49
Sabra Hummus 3,99
Santa Lucia mozzarella Fior’ di Latte 250g 3,99
Ovation fresh New Zealand lamb loin chops 13,99 lb

Fortinos Hours
Monday to Friday: 7:00 am to 9:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Sunday: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

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