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IGA Flyer August 12 to August 18, 2021

IGA Flyer, valid August 12 to August 18, 2021⭐

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IGA Flyer

Driscoll’s Raspberries From Mexico 170g 4/5,00
Bio Whole White Mushrooms From Canada 99¢
Eska Natural Spring Water 24x500mL 2,77
Pitit Quebec cheese or cheese curds 3,97
Royal Nuts Walnuts 240g 4,99
Bio Brocoli 3,49
Pistachios 450g 7,99
Flamingo Gourmet Frozen Seasoned Young Turkey 25,00

Ricardo Ret Velvet or Carrot Cake 675g 14,99
Red Globe Grapees or Seedless Red or Green Grapes from Peru or imported 1,99
Chips, Rice Chps or Rice Cakes 1,99
Betit Beurre Goglu, Royal The social Village 600g 3,49
Lindt Swiss Classic Lindor chcolate 100g 2/ 5,50
Huggies Diapers Assorted selection 25,99
Energizer Max AAA (4) AA (B) Batteries 5,99
Beyond Grain Free Sans Grains Cat Food 1,36 kg 13,99

Cotton Candy Green Grapes From Peru or Brazil 454g 6,99
Large Seedless Oranges From U.S. 3/ 3,99
Green Skin Large Avocado 2/ 4,00
Sharoni or Vanilla Persimmons From Spain 6-8 case 6,99
Red Vine Tomatoes From Canada 1,81kg case 6,99
Red Onions From Quebec 4,54 kg 5,99

Seedless Cucumber From Quebec or Canada 2/ 3,00
Eggplant or Green Zucchinis From Mexico 1,79
Florette Salad Kit From Quebec 312g 4,99
Red Cherry Tomatoes 2,99
Succulente 14,99
French Roast 4,99
Seasoned Lamb Loin Chops 12,99
Semi-Boneless Smoked Ham 4,99

IGA Hours
Monday to Sunday 07:00 – 22:00

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