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T&T Supermarket Flyer October 29 to November 4, 2021

T&T Supermarket Flyer, valid October 29 to November 4, 2021⭐

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T&T Supermarket

Ryo calamus shining shampoo $10.00
Mediheal nmf aquaring mask ampoulex 10sheets $9.50
Pearl river pineapple beer 330mlx6 $5.88
Greenmax sesame cereal 30gx14 packs $5.88
Want want chocolate brownie wafer roll 200g $2.99
Jjuliang organic adzuki bean 908g $6.99
Superior sesame soya 1.89l $3.50
Top chef pollock fillets- value pack 2lb $8.99
Heart black tiger shrimp h/o 26/30 $7.99
Searay pfp imitation tofu fish 250g $2.99
T&t kitchen harvest thanksgiving sushi tray 880g $19.99
Lao bei jing plain glass jar yogurt 4s 4x120g $2.99
Lao bei jing plain glass jar yogurt 4s 4x120g $5.49

Seedless Green Grapes 1.99
Jin Ling Zhi Thai Frangat Rice 8kg 11.88
Porto Diamond-Coat Frypan Wok Selected 17.99
Face Mask 9.88
Fresh Boneless/Skinless Chicken Leg 2.99
Frozen Breaded Tempura Shrimp 9.99
Ko-le cabbage 5lb $0.50/lb
Sweet orange-large(4pcs/around 3 lbs) 1bag $0.99/lb
Fresh atlantic salmon fillet 3lb $8.98/lb
Chicken wingette(around 2 lbs/each) $4.39/lb
Neilson 2% milk 4l(3 small bags inside) 4 l $4.99
Asian legend pork&chive dumplings 900 g $7.99
Fresh Chicken 13.99
LotteMilkis Ice Tube 4.49
Ataulfo Mangoes 1,48
Avocado 3,88
Young Coconut 17,88
White Shrimps (IQF, Easy Peeled, 31/40) 12,99
Ground Pork (Fresh, Regular) 3,48

Oyster Meat (Fresh) 907g 15,99
Searay China Yellow Croaker (Frozen) 4,99
Shanghai Bok Choy Sprout 1,99
Hot House Tomatoes 1,77
Red Grapes (Seedless) 2,48
Chinese Mandarin 1,48
Yellow Tail Fish Balls (Frozen) 12,99
Fiesta Pinoy Noodle 2,28
DSI-Taho 5,98
Siwin Sweet / Hot Longanisa / Tosina 3,98
Varieties of Steamet Buns 9,99
Star Margarine (Original Flavur) 250g 2,39
HF Sriracha Chili Sauce 3,79
Kosa Can Coconut Milk 98 ¢
Choripdong Frozen Mixed Fish Cake 4,98
Orion Corn Soup Turtle Chip 560g 9,99

T&T Supermarket Hours
Monday to Sunday 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM

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