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Food Basics Flyer October 14 to October 20, 2021

Food Basics Flyer, valid October 14 to October 20, 2021⭐

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Food Basics Flyer

Irresistibles fully cooked meatballs $6.99 each
Irresistibles maple syrup $13.99 each
Irresistibles mexican, asian or life smart vegan appetizers $4.99 each
Irresistibles napkins $4.99 each
Kellogg’s town house or cheez-it crackers $1.99 each
Kimbo ground espresso coffee $3.49 each
Jumbo papayas $0.98 /lb
Lactantia purfiltre milk $2.99 each
Lou’s kitchen cured boneless peameal pork loin $2.99 /lb
Mars fun size or nestlé mini size or lay’s treat bags or kinder bueno mini bars $8.99 each
Marc angelo seasoned pork or turkey roast $10.99 each
Mccain fries or potatoes 2/ $5.00
Patak’s, maggi or kfi sauces $2.99 each
Powerade or aha or nestlé sparkling water, coca-cola or canada dry $3.99 each

Bartlett or bosc pears $3.88 each
Borna chameem dates $1.98 each
Brar’s desi ghee $10.99 each
Bhikharam, surati or kurkure snacks $0.99 each
Bunch spinach or carrots or yellow onions $0.88 each
Campbell’s broth or habitant soup or betty crocker potatoes or hamburger helper $1.67 each
Casablanca honey or alkanater tahina $5.99 each
Cashmere bathroom tissue $6.97 each
Cedar beans or divya vegetables $0.99 each
Cored pineapple $3.88 each
Delissio thin crispy crust pizza or singles $2.99 each
Del monte vegetables or ben’s original fast & fancy rice selection cranberry sauce 4/ $5.00
Divya dry lentils or chick peas $3.99 each

Don’s bakery hot cross buns or furlani biscuits or rolls $3.49 each
Extra lean ground beef family pack $3.44 /lb
Fontaine fresh seasoned veal kefta $6.49 /lb
Fontaine santé hummus, dips or spreads $2.99 each
Quaker Harvest Crunch Creal Oats Oatmeal 1.88
Lactantia Purfiltre Milk 3.88
Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Fmily Pack 3.88lb
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fish Fillets Family Pack 7.88 lb
General Mills Hony Nut Cheerios Cinnamon Toast Crunch 3.88
Maple Lodge or Zabiha Halal Chicken Wieners 1.88
Schneiders Deli Sliced Meat or Adult Snack Kit 2.88

Arla Havarti Cheese 3.88
Boneless Pork Combination Chops 5.88
Summer Fresh Salads 5.88
High Liner Pan_Sear Fish Fillets 8.88
Larabar 19.99
Bugles 1.99
Liberte Greek Yogourt 4.99
Kraft BBQ Sauce 1.49
Club House Spices 4.99
French’s ustard 2.49
French’s Combo Pack 4.99
Coca-Cola Canada Dry Pepsi or 7UP 4.88
Lou’s Kitchen Fully Cooked Entrées or Smoked Back Bacon 6.88
Mastro or San Daniele Deli Sliced Meat 2/7.88
High Liner Signature Fish Fillets, Fish Wings or Burgers 7.88
Planters Almonds or Cashews 3.88

Food Basics Hours
Monday to Sunday 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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